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July 30, 2012

BJs Wholesale Club ~ The Go-To Place For Back to School

Where did the summer go?  I'm not ready to leave "Summer Stay at Home Mom" routine to get back to the grind!!

With summer almost over, the back to school shopping season is upon us.   It's the time that the sales for pencils, crayons, and backpacks start showing up in the stores.  Did you know that I LOVE new school supplies?  A fresh notebook and cool pens are so fun!  I know I'm weird.

Having two school-aged boys in the house really takes a toll on my wallet at this time of the year.  They both need everything to get ready for school, so I try to save money and stay sane at every turn.  Not to mention being a teacher also hurts the wallet a bit because there are certain supplies that I need and want for the classroom

Crayons & pencils & pens, OH MY!
What better place to stock up on the supplies that we all need for school than BJs Wholesale Club?  BJs is a one-stop shopping destination for name brand, high-quality food and merchandise.  BJs has everything you need to cross off the items on your back to school list.  

Both boys need multiple pencils, folders and glue sticks.  Why not get it in bulk?  They also need tissue boxes, wipes and Ziplocs.  It's a no-brainer!

Everything we need to get ready for school lunches!

A pack of 3 bins?  Perfect for organizing my classroom!

You can't forget about school lunches.  BJs offers many of the lunch items that my kids love.  From sandwich items to snacks, I can get it all!  Check out this BJs Backstage Sandwich Palooza video on how to make-over your lunch using all items from BJs.  

Why didn't they have these when I went to college...so retro!
And don't even get me started on all the items for the college aged kids.  Wow!  They didn't have this cool stuff when I was leaving for college.  Maybe I should go back....

Don't forget to use the BJs coupons for extra savings!
Did you know that BJs is the only wholesale club to accept manufacturer's coupons?  That's one of the mains reason I joined.  Who doesn't love to save money?  You can also partner your manufacturer's coupons with BJs in house coupons as well.  OH YEAH!  Check out their coupon policy here.

And BJ’s offers discounts on gift cards.  Many of the major retailer $25 gift cards that they sell go for $23.99.  That’s right, you’re payling less than the value of the card.  Perfect gifts for your child's teachers....hint, hint!

If you like to save money & you’re not a BJ’s Wholesale Club member, you can get a free one day pass here and start shopping.

Disclaimer:  I was a guest blogger at a local BJs Wholesale Club for their Back to School promotion.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. We don't go back until September...I feel summer slipping away...


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