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July 8, 2012

YP = Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages has been known as a place to find local businesses and deals for...well, forever.  You remember their old slogan, "Let your fingers do the walking."  Well, in more recent years, we no longer see that big yellow book arriving on our door step.  But the Yellow Pages haven't gone anywhere, they just aren't really "pages" anymore. 

The YP App home screen.
On YP.com, the Yellow Pages is still the ideal place to discover places locally.  Whether you want to find a local merchant, lawyer, or make restaurant reservations, YP helps you experience and stay locally connected. 

Since the media landscape is ever changing, YP understands that consumers need (and want) to find information while on-the-go.  The convenience of searching local from a mobile device is fast and easy with YPmobile products.  Oh yeah, there's an app for that!

YPmobile products turn your mobile device into a powerful local guide that brings you everyday saving.  Search businesses quickly by typing or browsing popular categories including gas prices, restaurants, bars, hotels, mechanics, dentists, and even AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Check out all of the things you can search for on the app!
Save money on-the-go.  Search, share, and redeem thousands of local deals directly from your phone.   Deal alerts notify you of saved coupons expiring within the week.  Plus now you can find the "best" gas prices near you!  (So cool!!)

Store your favorite businesses, deals and event to "My Stuff" for easy access.  Share business details and deals with friends via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

I am having such a great time with this app!  My favorite part is researching restaurants according to the type of food that I want to eat.  I recently did a search looking for a restaurant in Miami that serves Foie Gras.  (Yeah, sometimes I'm fancy)  There were 52 results for my search, mostly on South Beach, but hey, at least I can pick the restaurant I want to visit.  I can choose wisely by reading reviews and looking at pictures that other users have posted.  I've shared in the experience by making reviews of my own.

And this was just MY meal...
One review I posted recently was for The Fish House in Key Largo, Florida.  OH MY GOODNESS that place is wonderful!  The fish is so fresh and the portions are huge!  We ate so much that night.  I even added a picture of the dinner that I had.  If you are ever in the area, The Fish House is a must!!  You can check out my review here:  http://www.yellowpages.com/key-largo-fl/mip/fish-house-469325375?lid=469325375

The YP App even locates the cheapest gas prices!
Have I mentioned that you can even find the cheapest places in your area to find gas?  WOW!  I'm not saying drive to the furthest place to save some dough, but the app will tell you where the cheapest stations are from right where you're standing.  It even color codes the "good" prices and the "great" prices.  Very handy!!

So, whether you want to research local businesses on your computer at YP.com, or on-the-go with YPmobile app, know that Yellow Pages is still the place for your researching needs!  Get the app, it's well worth it.

How do you think you would use the YPmobile app?  What are you most looking forward to searching for on YP?

Thank you to YP for being a sponsor. Check out the latest YP app or YP.com to find food nearby fast! YP is your local companion for making decisions on everything from where to eat to where to find cheap gas. This post is in conjunction with my relationship with the Clever Girls Collective, and all opinions expressed here are my own. #YPcrave



  1. That is a great ap to have. I think it is funny that we will no longer need to have a paper phone book. This app is much more handy and convenient. Patricia

  2. It is a great app! I find it weird too....I also find it weird that I can't go anywhere without my phone. I have forgotten what like was like with a regular land line.


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