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July 10, 2012

Operation Organization ~ The Garage

The garage.  It's meant to store our car, but in reality it stores....everything else.

Tools, the lawn mower, bikes, beach chairs, extra toilet paper.  Like I said...everything.  With "everything" in the garage, it gets MESSY!

That is why the garage was the next space in my house that was getting organized.

By the way, we aren't "dirty" people, we just seem to put things places and they get unorganized...a lot of the time!  Call it "laziness!"

I would love those garage systems that you see advertised, but they just aren't an expense that we are prepared to have at this time.  I've even thought about purchasing shelving units with doors from Home Depot, but again, that's another expense.  I wanted to organize the garage with things we already have in the house.  

Here are some things that I did:
  • Shelves:
    • I used our already in place wire shelves to organize the items that I purchase in bulk at BJs.  Due to the weight, I had to store the bottles of water on the floor.
    • My dad built us a wooden shelving unit.  I put our bins of holiday items in there.  

  • Hooks:
    • I hammered a nail next to the shelves to hang our athletic bags.  
    • We got special hooks to hang the bikes and scooters on the wall.
  • Drawers:
    • I have plastic drawers that I used in my classroom and labeled them with items that we needed to keep together (ex. batteries, extension cords, etc.)  I labeled each drawer using my label maker. (Don't judge)

We can actually walk in there now!!  

Things still to do:
  • I threw away a lot of things that we didn't need and there is still more to go to the dump, but I need my heavy lifter (aka my husband) for that.   
  • I would like to get a golf gear organizer so that my husband's clubs won't take up so much space.  We could also use it to keep all of the baseball equipment that my little sluggers accumulate! 

What do you do to help keep your garage organized?  Do you spend money or work with what you've got to stow your stuff?

Next up on Operation Organization: The Playroom



  1. Sounds like our garage...one big storage place. We clean it out, but it always seems to go back to it's original state...a big mess. We do need some organizers. Patricia

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

  2. lookin good! we are in the process of doing the same with our garage...and turning it into a gym. planning on getting storage cabinets from lowes to hide all the unwanted clutter.

    1. Good luck...doesn't matter how much cleaning I do, I will NEVER have room for a gym in there!! ;)

  3. Ha-ha, we are a kindred spirit. My garage is 1800 sq feet and my cars don't fit in their. I call it hoarding. My house is clean though:).


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