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August 27, 2012

Fall Fashions From The Children's Place

My boys are getting older and they are voicing their own fashion sense (or lack thereof).  Now when I shop for the latest looks in children's wear, they are right there behind me making their own choices.

I like shopping at The Children's Place because I can be sure that the boys get what they need for the change of weather.  The prices are so great, that "Little Ricky" and "The Nag" can get some of the items that they want as well.

"The Nag" loves his superheroes!
"Little Ricky" thinks he's a gamer!

$10 on sale, how can you go wrong?
The jeans at The Children's Place are a must buy as well.  They always fit perfectly and they are well priced.  Not to mention that when they are on sale, they are so CHEAP!  

It all matches...LOVE IT!
Did you know you can get your kids their backpacks and lunchboxes too?  They are so roomy and durable...just what every mom wants.  They also come in cool patterns...just what every kid wants.  

I love the layered looks that are all the rage for the fall fashion season!  Preppy is what I like...kind of a sloppy tailored look.  SO CUTE!

And if you are already looking for your child's Halloween costume, check out the selection at The Children's Place.  Yes, they have those too!!

Aaarrr you ready for Halloween yet?

What outfits would you put together for your little ones at The Children's Place?

***Disclaimer:  Although I was compensated, all opinions belong to my boys and myself. ***



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