"" The Exhausted Mom: My Baby is 6!

September 17, 2012

My Baby is 6!

Six years old.  I can't believe my baby is 6 years old.  I feel old now.

This past weekend we had a bowling party in honor of the most adorable 6 year old.  What a blast!

The birthday boy!

I found retro bowling invitations, cupcake toppers and goodie bag foldovers at Anders Ruff Custom Designs.  They were just what I imagined when "The Nag" told me that he wanted a bowling party.  


I then took that color theme into our sweets.  I contacted family friend Nancy from Nancily's Cupcake Shack here in Miami to make bowling inspired cake pops and cookies. YUMMERS!!  The cake pops were gone before I was even able to tell the kids which were chocolate and which were vanilla.  I almost got my finger bitten trying to grab one for myself!  The cookies were part of the kids' goodie bags.  

Check out the bowling ball smash cake...TOO CUTE!
This picture SOOO doesn't do them justice!

We had such a great time bowling, eating, dancing and just getting together.  I really hope that "The Nag" also had a great time.  

I'm utterly EXHAUSTED now after all the planning and from the party itself.  So happy that we had the day off on Monday!!

Happy Birthday to my baby!!

Who knows what "Little Ricky" will want....but I know I can count on Anders Ruff & Nancily's Cupcake Shack to help me out!!



  1. Looks like a very good time was had by all :) Happy birthday!

  2. I love cake pops... cookies... really all sweets! I love the whole bowling theme though! It's super cute!

  3. great party! the cupcakes/cakepops/cookies were awesome!


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