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September 23, 2012

The Teacher In Me ~ David Goes to School

Ah, the beginning of school....a time of new beginnings. 

This year, my team and I decided to shake it up a bit, change our old beginning of school routines.  One teammate of mine was scouting some new ideas on Pinterest (you know, the place for EVERYTHING!!), and came across this idea for teaching rules using the lovable and troublemaking "David." 

The idea came from Fall Into First.  What a cute idea using the book David Goes to School by David Shannon.  The kids love David because his extreme rule breaking makes them laugh, yet reinforces the need for rule following.

After reading the book, we brainstormed some rules that should be followed at school.  

Then the kids chose one or more to write about.  Since it was the beginning of the week, I wasn't so picky about true sentence structure.  And finally it was time to make our "Davids."  I love how unique each "David" came.  It was the kids' interpretations of this loveable character.

They came out SO cute!

How do you teach about rules?



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