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September 6, 2012

Pay It Forward Friday ~ The Lady On Top

The Lady on Top

Hellooo ladies! My name is Sabrina Gomez.  I'm a 20-something single mom born and raised in the Magic City. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from Florida International University. I’m the CEO of a successful marketing firm, Cresco Media, in which I manage day-to-day campaigns for Fortune 500 clients. As if this wasn’t enough, I recently got engaged and I’m planning a huge destination wedding while making plans to move internationally for the most fulfilling opportunity of a lifetime. My day-to day responsibilities include making sure monsters don’t come out from under my four-year-old’s bed, the wedding invitations are the right shade of purple, and making it on time for the 8 a.m. conference call at the office on four hours of sleep.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I decided to add part-time blogger to my list. I’m the woman behind the The Lady on Top. Name got your attention, huh? I know what you ladies are thinking. It has nothing to do with all that fun stuff that goes on behind closed doors. The Lady on Top is a blog dedicated to empowering and helping women unlock their full potential.

I’ve always been passionate about being a positive role model to women. I enjoy giving advice that is able to make a positive impact in a woman’s life, whether it be in business, relationships, or the day-to-day challenges facing us women. I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering women to live to their fullest potential. I’m a firm believer that we can be successful in business, be a full-time mom and also be a great wife to our husbands without comprising one or the other.
With my blog, I open the doors of my life to share my experiences with you and make a positive impact in your life. We women go through similar situations, and I’m the friend who encourages and motivates you to overcome the situation you’re facing.
I also create the opportunity to showcase talented women who are making it happen in the community in the hopes of reaffirming that women have the capability to accomplish extraordinary things. 
The Lady on Top serves to help you, empower you and inspire you to do greater things because that’s what all women are capable of doing! 

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