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October 26, 2012

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

My husband and I really love Halloween.  We have been dressing up since we started dating.  We tend to wait until the last minute (like the day before) to put our creations together.  It's a tad stressful, but SO much fun!!

In recent years, we like to choose characters that our kids recognize.  They even like watching movies and then telling us what they think we should be.  The kids are so into it that they tell us as early as November 1st what they want us to be the next year.

Here are some of our past costumes that I hope will add some inspiration to your costume making... 

"Lucy & Ricky" (My husband is Cuban)
On our first Halloween together, we were "Lucy & Ricky."  My husband is of Cuban descent, so it was only natural that we dress up like this iconic couple.  His part of the costume was easy...mine took a little more creativity.  My aunt made the skirt and collar from a polka-dot fabric.  My hair was actually a curly beard that I spray painted bright orange.  I used extra polka-dot fabric to make a bow for my hair. 

"Shrek & Fiona"
"Shrek & Fiona" was a last minute creation.  I bought green face paint & a skull cap from the Halloween store.  I made the ears with green construction paper.  The vest and belt were made from a cut up brown t-shirt.  I actually had this dress in my closet.

The Incredibles
Ahhh...."The Incredibles"!!  This was literally put together on Halloween day.  What a crazy day that was....
I found red dry fit shirts, black running shorts, black gloves & red tights at Target.  (Yes, my husband the good sport wore tights)  I used my kids' yellow karate belts for our belts.  I got sticky felt from JoAnn's Fabrics and created the symbols for our shirts and our masks.  


"MegaMind & Minion"
"MegaMind & Minion" were our first pre-planned costume.  MegaMind's head is paper mache.  I used a punching balloon to make the shape.  I made Minion using a styrofoam ball, felt, pipe cleaners & googly eyes.  I put the "fish" in a plastic container that I mounted on a headband.  I got the face paint & cape from the Halloween store.  I borrowed the football pads from a local kid. 
A closer look at MegaMind & Minion.

I was nervous that no one would get it...but surprisingly, people stopped us and knew exactly who we were.   

I hope we can pull off the idea for this year....we're cutting it close though!  Can't wait to share it with you!!

Do you like dressing up?  What have been your favorite costumes?



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