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October 26, 2012

Halloween Costumes for Your Littlest Ghouls

Oh yeah!  It's Halloween time again!!  I love this time of year.  Time for my creative juices to start flowing to create the disguises that we will wear for Halloween.

When my kids were babies, it was hard to find something that they would be comfy in to parade around the streets and with family.  For "Little Ricky's" first Halloween, he was too young to go Trick or Treating, but he still dressed up of course!  My little lion was so yummy!

If you have a little one, either too young or too old, here are some Halloween options for you and your little goblins.

Although your 6-month old bundle of joy probably won't remember their very first Halloween, you’ll be sure to go camera-crazy when they sport these cute coverall costumes from Tiny Tillia by Avon. Available in sizes for newborns to 9 months, these 100% poly micro-fleece coveralls feature adorable hoods (sporting cute animal faces and 3-D ears!). Don’t want a complete head-to-toe ensemble for your little one? Tiny Tillia offers simple alternatives that are just as sweet – My First Halloween Bib or the Halloween Sock Set. To round out the spooky fun, there’s the Halloween Memory Game, which lets little ones exercise their memory skills by matching flashcards that feature images of their favorite Tiny Tillia friends all done up in their Halloween costumes.

With Halloween just around the corner, The Children’s Place has everything you need for your little ghoul or goblin. From festive graphic tees to complete head-to-toe  costumes, The Children’s Place has all their favorites for spooky fun come October 31st

The Children's Place is where we got "Little Ricky's" first Halloween costume.  And then we passed it down to "The Nag."

And if your little one doesn't like to dress up, but still wants to show some holiday spirit, check out these T's...

What will your little ones be donning this Halloween?  If you still don't know, check out these two great sites!


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  1. That little tiger costume sure looks both adorable and comfortable on that baby!


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