"" The Exhausted Mom: DeliverLean Helps Your Weightloss Resolutions

January 9, 2013

DeliverLean Helps Your Weightloss Resolutions

Are you like most people who made a new year resolution to lose weight?  You know I am!  I think I have found the solution....

This doesn't look like diet food!
DeliverLean is South Florida’s premier gourmet meal delivery company, with a kick...it was created to help you lose weight!  DeliverLean offers a flawless combination of fresh, preservative-free gourmet meals combined with a white-glove, hand delivery service directly to your home.
Whether you're doing the latest and greatest diet, or you're just trying to eat smarter,  DeliverLean has just what you're looking for.  There are plans that include Traditional, Gluten-Free, Paleo, HCG and Organic Protein diets.  You can even modify your plan to fit specific caloric requirements and dietary needs.  I told you it's not just a food delivery system...


Less than 500 calories??

The meal plans are curated by DeliverLean’s Gourmet Chefs and directed by in-house dietitians and nutritionists.  It's like having your very own personal chef!  Did I mention the best part??  All meals are approximately 300-400 calories and are prepared with lean proteins, low-glycemic carbohydrates, high-fiber fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats!  Saves you the time of having to research all of your foods in the store.

You want desserts? Baked by DeliverLean, is a baked goods line handcrafted by DeliverLean’s pastry chefs.  Baked goods can be incorporated into consumer’s daily meal plans for an effective weight-loss program. Desserts range from 90 to 300 calories each. Gluten-free baked goods are available upon request. Baked items are $3.25 additional

OnJuice is a line of 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juices made with the finest organic fruits and vegetables, made fresh in DeliverLean’s kitchen and delivered to your door.  There are 14 flavors available. OnJuice is a complementary component to DeliverLean meal plans or can be enjoyed on their own or as part of a separate juice cleanse.

Hey South Florida, DeliverLean is now serving a market area from Jupiter to Kendall! Oh yeah, they'll come to you!

And check out this special: sign up for 1 month at $24.99 per day and get 3 days FREE

This is perfect for all exhausted moms who are looking for a healthy food alternative!! Check it out!



  1. ive heard some awesome things about deliverlean-it looks great! Definitely not like your typical diet food!

    1. The food is really good and I was surprised at the size of the portions considering everything is almost under 500 calories!


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