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January 10, 2013

Great Clothing Sites That Fit Your Wallet

Now that the holidays are over and I'm sure everyone spent more than normal, it's time to do some "belt tightening."  No, not to try and squeeze the fat out of your belly, but to curve the spending...

I don't know about you, that's great on paper, but what will I do for my shopping fix?  I'm a shopping junkie.  I have a complete euphoric reaction when I buy something...anything.  I'm even excited to go shopping for my husband's and kids' upcoming camping trip (I'm SOOO not a camper).

I've stumbled across a few of websites that have inexpensive clothing so that I can stay trendy while staying on my budget!

2020AVE is a great site has everything from cute tops to awesome shoes.  And everything is reasonably priced!  I love the relaxed nature of the cropped collar slip blouse.  It would be great with jeans, shorts, dressy pants, pretty much anything!  And there are some great "going out" pieces as well.  My favorite:  the sequined hot shorts...now if I could only get back to my high school figure....

Scoop neck basic tunic $6.99
cropped collar slip blouse $16

sequined hot shorts $27

Vestique is a fun inspired clothing site that has great dresses and amazing jewelery.  Most of the clothes are so flowy...perfect for my South Florida life!  The neatest part is the "gameday" section where you can find fun clothing to support your favorite college teams instead of team jerseys. 

Bringing Buttons Back $14.50
Kick Off Cutie in burgundy $24.50

Ruche is a vintage inspired clothing and accessories site.  The clothing is so classic. Not to mention I love vintage style because it's meant for women, you know, with curves.  The First Glance Colorblock dress would be great for work or play.  And imagine the All That Glitters Pencil skirt with a t-shirt and sandals or heels and a white blouse...either way, beautiful!

All That Glitters Pencil Skirt $42.99
First Glance Colorblock Dress $34.99

Where do you like to shop for inexpensive clothes that are still stylish?  Please share...this "shopaholic" needs to save some cash!



  1. Target is my answer for everything. My most favorite dress just about ever came from Target.com. I get complimented on it left and right, and I don't think it cost more than $20.

    1. I really love Target too...it's actually my obsession. I think my husband has banned me for a while!

  2. Super cute finds! I can't wait to check out the sites you mentioned! Recently I've been loving H&M and Forever 21 for accessories to give new life to the things I already have in my closet. I was also just in NYC and went on a buying spree at Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing store that is opening more stores in the US and is like a better version of The Gap and has great well made casual and work wear.

    1. Forever 21 (um....30) is my all time favorite!! I love their tops & accessories! I always get compliments and I can't help but giggle when I only paid $4!! We just got a new H&M here. Can't wait to go. Top Shop is really great but it's not everywhere yet. Will have to research Uniqlo when I'm in NYC...sounds great!


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