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April 29, 2013

My Newest Color Obsession

Do you have certain colors that you are attracted to during certain times of the year?  Whenever I'm shopping, I feel inclined to gravitate toward whatever color I happen to be wearing that day.  It's almost like the power of suggestion.

I was recently shopping for a dress to wear to an upcoming event.  I started shopping with nothing in mind at all.  I like to do this so that I am "open" to everything.  Well, I tried on this dress that was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.  Let's not talk about the fact that it didn't fit & they didn't have another one...  Well, the dress was orange and since then I've been completely obsessed!

Maybe I'm obsessed because it's a trend for this summer, or maybe it's just a happy color that keeps drawing my eye in.  All I know is I'm not the only one who likes it...

Photo from Trendnstylez.com
Photo from HowAboutOrange.blogspot.com

And this vibrant color is not just for fashion.  I love it for the home as well.  Changing up the colored accents in a plain room is so great!

 Do you love orange like I do or are you gravitating towards another color lately?



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