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April 30, 2013

Summer Trends with The Children's Place

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!  (Did I sound too excited about that?)  I LOVE summer!  No set schedule, lazy days & nights, pools, beaches, ice pops, etc.  Everything about summer is just awesome!

All school year, my kids wear a uniform.  Summer fashion is a must in our house.  The kids can dress themselves and express their own fashion sense (or lack there of).  I like to keep mix and match pieces in their wardrobe so that it's a no brainer with items that go together.  This is especially essential with "Little Ricky" because he tends to put things together that just don't go!

That's why I love shopping at The Children's Place for their fashion needs.  All of the items are able to mix nicely so that I don't have to cringe at their outfit choices.  I would love for the boys to wear the layered look.  You know, a graphic t with a plaid button down and a jean jacket on top.  How cute would they be?  So trendy.  

In the world of boys, their biggest contribution to the fashion world is mesh shorts and a team t-shirt.  Fun. 

My favorite piece at The Children's Place is the elastic waist shorts.  They are so versatile and are really roomy for the boys.  The wide variety of graphic t's come in all the latest trends that the boys want. 

Did I mention the price?  That's another reason why I love The Children's Place.  I can get them great clothing for a great price.  Their sales are out of this world.  Jeans can be as cheap as $10 and sometimes you can get t-shirts for as low as $2.  

The Children's Place has the cutest accessories for boys too.  I mean, who doesn't love a mini fedora and some aviator glasses?  How do I get my kids to wear them?

What fashion trends are you most looking forward to for summer?  Will you shop at The Children's Place for all your summer kids' clothing needs? 

*Disclaimer:  Although I was provided compensation for this post, all opinions are, of course, my own.



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