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June 26, 2013

Essie Nail Polish ~ Summer Collection

I love to indulge in "me time."  Who doesn't?  I deserve it.  I work.  I have kids, a husband, and a house to take care of.  So my one regular indulgence that I partake in is getting my nails done.  

I am apparently addicted to pink nail polishes.  I swear I must own like 15 different shades of pink.  They range from light to hot to deep.  

I usually have my nails painted in a light pink, like Essie's Ballet Slippers.  I save the "fun" pinks for my toes.  For some reason, bright colors on my hands make me nervous and I tend to put them in my mouth (former nail biter...I admit it).  

Recently, I purchased Essie's Summer Collection.  It's a box of four mini nail polishes from a collection.  Mini is the perfect size in case you get aren't sure if you like a color.  

The colors for this summer have really cute names, as all Essie's nail polishes do.  Each of these new summer colors have a slight shimmer to them.  There's Sunday Funday.  This tangerine coral crush polish helps me to veer from my normal pink.  Naughty Nautical is a marine blue-green color.  Full Steam Ahead is a medium toned lilac shade.  And then there's The More The Merrier; it's a lime green color...so fun!

These colors are so bright and cheery...they totally fit my mood this summer.  (Fun and carefree!)  My plan is to pick a different one of these polishes each time I get my mani & pedi.   

I started with The More the Merrier.  COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone!!  I'm loving it though and definitely adding new colors to my repertoire! 

Are you a nail polish dare devil or do you stick to the same shade every time?  What's your favorite Essie color? 



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