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June 30, 2013

My Man and The Sea

Since my husband is the Exhausted Dad, one of the ways he likes to relax is by deep sea fishing with his friends. When we first started dating, he would go every weekend.  Lately, it hasn't been as frequent as it once was, but he still goes every chance he gets.

His family tells stories of fishing when he was little.  The best story is when he wouldn't let go of a fish he caught.  He took a nap with it still in his arms!  That's love.  

These deep sea fishing trips usually take him around Miami, The Keys, and the Bahamas.  Different times of the year yield different types of fish.  

His most recent trip was to catch fresh yellowfin tuna and dolphin (not "Flipper," the Mahi Mahi kind).  YUMMY!!  There is no shortage of fresh fish around here.  We are really spoiled.  (So spoiled that there are times when I'm actually tired of eating fish!)

My favorite...Tuna Sashimi fresh from the ocean!

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring different fresh fish dishes that we like to make for my Sane Cooking segments.  I'm open to any and all suggestions for recipes.  Love to keep it fresh!



  1. Look forward to reading your recipes. And like you I'll be collecting my own arsenal of fishy over the July 4th weekend...we're going to the keys!

    1. Good luck with the fishing! The Keys are a great place for all your "relaxing!"

  2. if you ever have too much fish, you can send some up our way!!!


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