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July 1, 2013

My Time Suck....

I know this happens to everyone, but I get so frustrated with myself when I'm online and trying to work.  My time gets sucked away from me because I just can't keep my attention on what I'm supposed to be doing!

This was my time sucking pattern today:

I always start my online work with checking my emails to see if there is anything that's important that I need to address right away.  I received my daily email post update from my friend Leticia Barr of Tech Savvy Mama.  I clicked on her link to read about her latest adventure at Universal Studios and the new Minion Mayhem ride.  As I completed writing my comment on her post, I decided to look around her site.  I clicked on her "About" page and read about her many accolades.  At the bottom she described that she is the co-founder of Straight-Up Crafty.  So, of course, I clicked on the link.  

What's the first thing I see?  A purse of course (a market tote to be exact).  So I read the post.  I left a comment and then proceeded to click on the link for the Etsy shop IndependentReign that sells the purse. There I found MANY things that I have to buy myself.  While on Etsy, I decided to see what was new in the jewelery world.  That led me to jewelery storage & organization.

Then I thought, "I can make that...there must be directions on Pinterest."  Yup.  I did.  I went to Pinterest and of course spent a good 3 hours there just pinning away.  

That's when I looked at the clock on my computer and realized that it was 5pm and I hadn't even started dinner yet. 


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  1. Oh your day sounds like how mine usually go but I love that you got sucked in to my page and it led you to Straight Up Crafty! We haven't officially launched yet but it's coming with lots more content! :)


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