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June 8, 2013

The Day Social Media Hurt My Feelings

Have you ever been lied to by one of your friends?  Sure you have...everyone has.  Did you ever catch someone in a lie on social media?  You know what I mean....someone lied to you and then you caught them in that lie by seeing a picture posted on social media.  That happened to me recently.

I had asked a friend if they wanted to do something and she said no.  Giving an excuse involving her kids and work, I took it as "I'm busy."  No harm, no foul.  The day that she was busy, a picture showed up on Instagram of her kids with a another group of friends. 

My first reaction was to be hurt.  Did she think I'd be mad if she told me the truth?  I know I'm kind of a jealous person...I'm big enough to admit it, but I wouldn't wig out.  Why didn't she just tell me she already had plans?

I guess "back in the day" you could easily tell a little white lie about your plans, because unless someone "told on you," who would know?  Now-a-days, you really should just be upfront (or leave all cell phones at home) because you never know what will get out there.  

If anything, I've learned an important lesson.  I will be upfront and just say I have plans.  Or at least I'll hold all photos for a few days...whatever.


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  1. I had this happen to me! I asked a friend when her bachelorette party was and instead of telling me the truth, that it was only for the bridal party, she told me that she wasn't having one. Only for me to find out from photos on Facebook that she lied. I was really mad and hurt. That, coupled with her only contacting me when she got in an argument with her other friends and now husband, led to me completely distancing myself and we are just "Facebook friends" now. You're absolutely right, people should think before they tell their little white lie because you never know who will have a camera out!


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