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August 8, 2012

Look Mom, We're On TV!!

There's no denying, my kids love watching TV.  They are constantly reciting lines from their shows and from movies.  That's why when we were asked to film a Back to School segment for our local Fox news channel, I said yes.

The boys were beyond excited (and I'll admit so was I).  

We arrived at the downtown Miami Staples store where we would be filming and got a chance to look for some of the new back to school items that were on sale.  Of course the boys were enticed by the personal tablets and gladly demonstrated how to play games on them.  


Then it was show time.

"The Nag" got shy and said he didn't want to talk.  "Little Ricky" was eager to prove that he was big.   

After the speaking part, we had to walk around the store and "shop."  The boys were such naturals and loved doing multiple takes with some actions.  When they were done, they would yell "and scene...." or "CUT!"  They keep me on my toes! 

Check out our finished product:


Next stop, our own reality show....Keeping Up With The Prietos!


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  1. Aw! They did a great job and congrats on your TV appearance! Pencils and backpacks! Too cute! Now save this link for all eternity and keep it as part of your online media kit! :)


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