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August 7, 2012

Operation Organization ~ The Playroom

The playroom is my nemesis!!  It is a never ending battle.  It's ALWAYS MESSY!!

I try and teach the kids to clean it up, telling them that they should clean things up after they play.  But somehow that place is always a mess!!

The toys used to be in our living room where we would spend most of our time, but when the boys became school aged, I moved it upstairs.   Out of sight, out of mind, right?  NOPE!  Somehow the mess trickles into the hallway...and even into my bed!!

So, I headed to our local IKEA store to outfit the playroom with neat bins and buckets to keep the mess at least contained. 

It's clean!! (For now!!)
Do we really need all these weapons? Boys....       

I'm still hunting for something to keep the swords and guns in.  Maybe an umbrella holder...

Check out our neat study area for when school starts.
The big playsets...what to do....

Love these cardboard boxes for projects in the works!

I would love to have one of those "catalog" playrooms where everything is neatly stored away with labels, but I have to realize, those playrooms are never PLAYED in... 

What are some more ideas for playroom organization?



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