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August 13, 2012

The Honda Pilot ~ My Dream Car

Ok, so it's no secret that I am SOOOOO over my minivan.  
I mean, come on, I only have 2 kids and I'm not having any more (at least not planning to).  Do I really need a minivan?  

I do like having 3 rows.  I do love the trunk space.  I do love the comfort.  I'm just not in love with my minivan.

I recently had the chance to drive the Honda Pilot.  Wowza!  I'm in love....with a car.....

Look how beautiful....and clean.  My minivan is never clean.

The Pilot was awarded the 2012 Top Safety Pick by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  That speaks VERY highly with parents.  It is outfitted with side and curtain airbags, 3-point seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and LATCH on each rear seat (even the third row!).

This 4-wheel drive SUV seats up to 8 comfortably.  We were able to fit two booster seats and an adult in the backseat with no problem at all.  (No more making a third adult sit in the 3rd row...it's so hard to hear back there!)  Not to mention it has tremendous cargo space for storage.  Under the trunk is another storage compartment, great for keeping items out of sight.  With the third row down, the Pilot has the space of a small pick-up truck. 

The Pilot has fun technology too!  I mean, come on, it says "Welcome" when you get in the car...does your car do that?  The Bluetooth HandsFree Link and navigation system with voice recognition makes me feel like I'm in "KITT" from "Knight Rider." 
My kids loved the DVD rear entertainment system with removable remote.  I loved the wireless headphones!  

So many nifty techy gadgets...
Storage is a MUST with kids!

And of course, all the "Mommy touches."

The Honda Pilot is perfect for families, large and small, with busy lives who want the comfort and safety of a midsize SUV.  

How do I convince my husband that we need to head to Honda right now?

I received a Honda Pilot for the weekend as a loan along with a full tank of gas. All opinions are based on the experience of me and my family during the time we had the vehicle and were not influenced by Honda in any way. No compensation was received for this review.



  1. True! You got a great ride there! And the pictures prove it! :) Happy driving!

  2. It’s no secret that the Honda Pilot is considered as the top family car today. The Honda Pilot combines security and comfort, making it perfect for family use. Its split, flat-folding seats make traveling stress free. You can bring your tents, snowboards, and other things and still have a lot of room for the kids!

  3. Wow! After knowing all of its features, it’s no wonder you instantly fell in love with the Honda Pilot! A minivan is not a bad choice at all, but the Pilot would certainly make a big difference. You should also let your husband drive the Honda Pilot for himself. Maybe that’s all he would need to agree with you to buy the car.

  4. what a great choice. these would be great for travelling with your families.

  5. Wow! That’s what I call the ultimate family car! All you need is already there – space and technology, what else can you ask for? Cook your husband a delicious dish and then tell him about this Honda Pilot! My wife usually does this to me and she always gets what she wants.

  6. Hi. Were you able to convince your husband that you need a Honda Pilot? Why not tell him that it's your dream car, that it has great features suitable for families, and that Pilot has been awarded as 2012 Top Safety Pick? However, it takes guts; and for sure your husband will approve anything you want. Hehe.


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