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January 18, 2013

DeliverLean ~ Deliciously Different Weight Loss

Ok, so you've heard me talk about DeliverLean, right?  I've told you that it delivers food to your door that will help you stick to that New Year's resolution of losing weight.  But here's the skinny (total pun intended) on the food itself....

Nifty bag, right?
When I first tried the delivery, I was stoked to have food delivered to me, but I was nervous that it would come to my door in the middle of the day and sit in the hot Miami sun for hours until I was home from work.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  I don't know when the "DeliverLean fairies" get up, but the insulated bag was waiting on my doorstep when I was leaving for work at 7am!  AWESOME! 
This great bag was stocked with 3 days worth of food.  And I'm not talking just 3 dinners....There were 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners and SNACKS!!  Each no more than 500 calories!
First off, the meals are separately packaged in these great re-useable containers with an information label.  The label lets you know how many calories, protein, and carbs are in the dish in case you are tracking those things for your diet.  Not to mention, it also puts the date that you should eat it...not that you have to. 
So I tried the scrambled egg whites with onions & apple chicken sausage patty.  I was curious if the eggs were real since they were in perfect little circles, but they were delicious!
Everything I ate was amazing, but my all time favorite was the quinoa with black beans, peppers, and tomatoes.  OMG!  It was less than 400 calories!!  This meal was so filling...no joke.  I'm totally going to try and recreate this one.  My other favorite was the pepper steak with lentil pilaf and asparagus.  The meat was so tender and seasoned really well.  My asparagus had the right amount of crunchiness to it.  (I thought for sure that putting it in the microwave would make it mushy!)  The whole meal was only 420 calories and had NO FAT!  This really helped me keep track of what I'm eating & control my portions.
Under the meticulous guidance of executive chefs James Donato, Andrew Whiteman and Ku Castano, DeliverLean continues to dominate the industry as a trusted and reliable wellness program.  These chefs rock!  In addition to the variety, superior quality and exquisite flavors, the DeliverLean programs are all highly customizable.  You can get the tradional meal plan, gluten free, paleo, organic, or for those on the HCG diet.  There are also vegetarian options. 
This service is great for anyone who is looking to lose weight but doesn't want the hassle of counting the calories themselves or maybe someone with a traveling spouse and you don't want to try and make healthy meals for one.  Not to mention it's perfect for those busy individuals who are crunched for time. 
There's a great promotion going on right now!  Join for a month and get 3 days free!  That's a lot of food!!
If you decide to try this great service, let me know how you like it!!  I would love to know if you like it as much as I did.

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**Disclosure:  Although I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own. 



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