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March 19, 2013

Better TV Shows Make All the Difference

Do you believe that TV can make all the difference in the world with your kids?   I am a complete believer.  

When my boys watched TV for the first time, I was very careful about what they could and could not watch.  Yes to anything educational.  You know, Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Super WhyI feel those shows really helped my kids to not only understand sounds and their connection to letters, but also gave them lessons in manners and social skills.

I am not totally opposed to TV for my kids.  If I were, I would be a complete hypocriteI love watching TV to unwind and laugh and get away from the craziness of my life. 

My kids are in that age range that no TV show is a perfect fit.  The shows they used to watch, they have outgrown.  Then there is TV for bigger kids, but it is harder to find shows that will both appeal to them and me.  The cartoons are too aggressive or are geared toward teenagers.  Then the "live people" shows are also marketed for middle to high school aged kids and the story lines are too mature for my boys.   There is no happy medium for an 8 & 6 year old.

Have you ever noticed how TV can affect your child's behaviorIt's so strange that depending on the TV show that my kids watch, their demeanor changes completely.  For example, when they watch Kickin' It, they want to fight since the show is all about karate.  Not to mention, Little Ricky has such a great memory that he recites lines from shows all the time.  (It's really more annoying than it seems!)

Check out this infographic from Education News below.  Do you feel that better TV means better kids?  I would really love to know what you think about it. 

Better TV Infographic

Do you allow your kids to watch TV?  What shows are your kids watching?  How do you help them make better choices?

*Infographic and information were shared by EducationNews.org.



  1. We are still in the educational phase, currently obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love the educational shows bc they really help her learn the basics and enjoys them at the same time. Its a shame there isn't anything geared towards those pre-tween's that aren't aggressive or too mature. Maybe Nick or Disney really need to get with the program! Too bad they don't make Kids, Incorporated and Mickey Mouse Club anymore....those were great for that age!

  2. We're still in the educational phase, too. I'm very picky on what my five year old watches. I let her watch Nick Jr, Discovery Kids and I let her see Veggie Tales because it talks about Christian values... to me that is important for her to learn. I do not let her watch a lot of TV, but when I do I'm constantly monitoring that what she is watching is good, quality television. As you get older, the quality TV shows tends to go on a downward spiral. lol

    1. It really is a shame that there isn't "quality" TV for the older elementary kids...wish they could still be educational.


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