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May 30, 2013

Curiosityville Sitrs Up Curiosity

Disclaimer:  This post was created through my partnership with Curiosityville and The Motherhood.  Although I was compensated and received a subscription for Curiosityville, all opinions are my own.  

Do your kids like playing games online?  Mine do.  I try to be cautious about the types of games they are playing.  I would really like them all to be educational, but sometimes the educational ones just aren't that interesting for the kids. 

Curiosityville is a fun and personalized learning world for children ages 3-8.  This awesome website boosts brain power, creates learning and understanding in core areas, and establishes a fun and inviting place for kids to learn and create.  Curiosityville has been created in partnership with National Geographic, Johns Hopkins University, and other learning experts so you know it's academic!

Once your child is logged in, they can choose which character they would like to learn with that day.  Here are the characters:
  • Rosie is a scientist
  • Jack is the policeman
  • Joe is the mayor
  • Ruby is a teacher
  • Pablo is an artist
  • Olive is a chef

In each character's room, there are many different activities and games for your child to explore.  "The Nag" really loved Rosie because he wants to be a scientist when he grows up.  His favorite game was Space Mission in Jack's room.  He was able to shoot astroids and comets all while listening to facts about space and practicing math facts.

Rosie the Scientist teaches about the brain.
Space Mission
Space Mission

As your child maneuvers through the site, apples are given for completed activities.  After a number of apples are accumulated, a badge is awarded.  The badges are stored on a special page. 

Want to know a cool part?  The Learning Tree page actually maps out your child's learning as they move through the site.  Parents can view various charts to see their child's strengths and where they need more practice.  You also get a personalized email detailing your child's progress.  Did I mention there are timer settings so your child doesn't stay online too long?  COOL!


I highly recommend Curiosityville to all families with kids ages 3-8.  It's such a great way to incorporate learning, creativity and technology!  Not to mention that the content is updated weekly, so your child will have something to keep their brains working throughout the summer! 



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