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May 8, 2013

My Mom's Advice + Giveaway from Aquaphor

My mom (Babs) with the boys.
My mom isn't the kind of mom to tell you what you should or should not do as a mom.  She doesn't really even offer advice until you explicitly ask her for it.  I love that about her because there are so many people who shove their advice down your throat whether you want it or not.  

My mom's best advice was the kind that she never said, it's the things she did while raising me that I use in my daily parenting skills.

I never really understood all that my mother did or why she acted the way that she did while I was growing up.  I never really understood it all until now that I'm a mom.  For instance, when I was a kid, she would only let me sleep at a friend's house if she knew the parents.  I thought that was so dumb!  I knew the kid and the mom, wasn't that enough?  Now that I'm a mom, I'm so on that page!  My kids can't sleep at anyone's house unless we are friends with the family.  And to be honest, the only houses outside of family they are allowed to sleep at are our "Cuban cousins" house.  You know, the friends that are so close they are practically family.  

What piece of advice has your mom given you that you will never forget?  

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*Disclaimer:  Although I was compensated for this post, all opinions about my mom and Aquaphor are my own.



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