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June 13, 2013

Pay It Forward Friday ~ Summer Travel Tips for Families

Kendra Thornton has been packing her bags and traveling the world since she visited the Bahamas at 3 months old.  She is 37 and a mother of 3. Before being promoted to the full time position of mommy, Kendra was the former Director of Communications at Orbitz where she was able to travel all around the world.  Kendra also appears regularly as a travel expert on ABC, CBS, NBC and CW affiliates across the country to share travel trends, tips and deals with millions of viewers every year.

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Summer Travel Tips for Families

Whether you are looking to travel to Walt Disney World, the Grand Canyon, or New Orleans, you will likely want a vacation that all members of the family are excited about. Once you’ve settled on a destination, you can begin to do a bit of planning. With special attention paid to the needs of the kids, you can craft a trip that will leave everyone raving for years afterwards.

1) Eat Healthy Breakfasts

Because you will likely want to squeeze the most out of each day, you should be sure that your family eats a nutritious breakfast every morning. At Walt Disney World, many family-friendly Orlando hotels offer tasty breakfast platters to their guests. Even if you are staying at a smaller hotel, however, continental breakfasts will usually be available more often than not. Eating at the hotel will also stop you from gorging on theme park food, which can be quite expensive.

2) Research Your Hotel Options
Consider family-friendly hotels whenever possible. Indoor playgrounds, for example, will give the kids something to do during the evenings. Elegant suites will often have refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves. Having a miniature kitchen in your hotel room will allow you to prepare meals on the fly. The fridge, in fact, can be stocked with milk, juice, fruits, and vegetables. It’s great to read reviews before you make any decisions.

3) Set Aside Time for Adults

Though much of your energy will likely be devoted to showing the kids a great time, give yourself some time to relax with your husband. You might agree to watch the kids for an afternoon, for example, while your husband goes golfing. You might also hire a babysitter while the two of you crack open a bottle of champagne on the balcony.

4) Try Audiobooks

Audiobooks can be godsends in many ways. They can be easily downloaded to the latest electronic devices. For kids who have grown tired of listening to music, books are good alternatives. Make sure that you bring along some headphones so that others in the vehicle are not disturbed.

5) Bring Along Hygiene Kits

Planes, trains, and hotel rooms are not the cleanest places on the planet. By packing a hygiene kit, you can quickly clean airplane tray tables and hotel fixtures. Airplanes, in fact, are not typically given full cleanings until the end of the day. Sanitizing wipes can kill germs on contact. Hand sanitizer, meanwhile, can be used before meals.

In the end, you will need to think outside the box a bit as you go about planning your vacation. By turning to audio books, hygiene kits, and healthy breakfasts, you can create a wonderful experience for everyone involved. The world, as they say, will be your oyster.


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  1. I don't know when they clean the planes to be honest! As soon as you get off it's not long that another group of people are getting on it and I'm sure that is not enough time to clean everything.


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