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June 13, 2013

The Teacher In Me ~ Keeping the Learning Going

I'll admit it, when it comes to learning, I let go in the summer.  As a teacher by trade,  I know I should encourage my kids to keep their skills up so there isn't so much loss in the summer, but I'm just so exhausted from the school year, that the last thing I want to do is fight with my kids to do work.  So I slack off.  I'm such a bad mommy & teacher....

Not this year!  It's a summer goal of mine to keep the learning going.   


This is an easy one.  Pick up a book and read.  

I base the time of reading around The Nag.  However long it takes him to read a chapter, that's how long Little Ricky needs to read.  (Not to mention that Little Ricky is like his mommy, once he starts reading, he doesn't want to put it down.)  

We recently cleaned out our home library.  We donated a bunch of books that the kids have outgrown to our school and to cousins.  Now, we have tons of chapter books left for summer reading.  Right now, the boys are working on The Magic Tree House series.  We also have plans to make it to the public library.  


The boys' teachers sent home Summer Math Packets for the kids.  They are essentially the math worksheets that the class didn't finish during the school year, so it's a nice bridge to the learning that will take place next year.   I have them work on 2-3 pages every few days. 

My husband also likes to ask them "hard" math facts (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) while we are in the car or eating a meal, so they can work on their recall.  Sometimes, if we are at a restaurant, we make up math problems for them on their "kiddie menus" for them to solve. 


Another easy one.  We have marble notebooks that we use as journals.  We got them at the Dollar Tree.  I have them write a paragraph or two about what we did that day.  They also like to write stories from time to time.  Little Ricky just wrote a book as a gift for Father's Day.  (Totally his idea)  I also plan to work on their handwriting....it's awful!!


The boys LOVE science!  My plan is to do at least one cool science experiment every other week or so.  I also want to take them to The Miami Science Museum for the first time.  We are also planning on revisiting The Fort Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery.  These places should get those little scientific brains going!

I'm not saying that I'm home schooling this summer.  Just an hour every couple of days.  Mostly on the days when we don't have an outside activity planned or it seems they may just kill each other.  

What do you do to keep the learning going in the summer?  I would love more ideas!



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